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Scotiabank Half-Marathon

Today I ran the Scotiabank Half-Marathon wooooo~ I ran this race illegally as they do not permit anybody under 16 to participate (I lied and said I was born a year earlier LOL) . I woke up at 4:30AM and left at 5:30 to go to UBC. I’m an epic sleep-lover so this as no easy task xD. But food is my best friend so I was able to energize.

The turnout was pretty good; there was about 4000 people. I seem to run better if there is a large crowd of people.

The weather made me VERY happy. When I first saw the rain drops outside I was overjoyed. LOL. If it was even a little bit sunny I would have died instantly. The awesome cold, miserable, disgusting weather saved my life. When it is cloudy, or no sun, I stay cooler and can run better. The rain made it perfect.

At about 6km, I started feeling a sharp pain in my right foot. I thought it was a rock, so I stopped (an absolutely detrimental thing to do during a race) to remove it. I quickly brushed my runner and continued on my way. I kept on feeling the pain again, so I took another stop and tried to remove the rock. I couldn’t find any, so I continued. Now it was making me run really lop-sided (all the pressure/friction was VERY painful), and it was affecting my speed. I stopped a third time, and didn’t find any rock or sharp object. I took my sock off and found that I had a GIANT blister that had ruptured and was peeling. I continued on once again as I couldn’t do anything about it. It was terrible because my lop-sided run affected my time by about 10 or so minutes. GAHHH. Somewhere along the way I aquired another giant blister on my left foot, but this didn’t bother me very much because I was used to the pain. 

I ran consistantly up to 12km (except for the three stops), which is a major improvement from my last half-marathon as I walked at 3km T-T. I walked a few times up until the bridge, where I walked nearly half of it. But I’m pretty satisfied with my consistancy.

I finished at 2:32:57, which is an improvement of 0:02:53 from last time :D. Not all that bad for the youngest runner there LOL. I’m really disappointed at the fact that I was slowed down because my blisters, but I improved, and that’s all that matters (and I didn’t train at all w00t!). I guess the blister on my right foot started to bleed because there was a huge nasty blood stain on my sock (it got in my runner too, sigh). Now my feet are covered with giant blisters, mini blisters, and calluses (not all I got from this event). I could really use a pedicure once the blisters heal >.<;;.

I’m pretty sure I’m done with races for this year (enless I do some in the fall/winter). I was thinking about doing a 10km on Canada Day, but I’m still going to be recovering and in overall bad condition. And I don’t want to do summer runs as I dislike running in the sun with a passion. This year I’ve ran about the equivalent of two full marathons (two half-marathons, three 10kms, and a bunch of training), leaving me pretty satisfied. Next year I want to do the BMO half-marathon, and improve my times for 10km and half-marathon distances.  



OHMYGOODNESS, IT IS FINALLY SUMMER. AND NO MORE INTER-A FOREVER. I am in a super-awesome mode of awesomeness right now and I’m loving it. But I’m still stressing over a few things T_T

Grade 9, not much of a year to be honest. I did extremely terrible in every single one of my classes and I regret it all. I went from having straight A’s to half A’s half B’s. And the A’s I got weren’t even good A’s. Ugh, I am looking forward to mainstream SO MUCH right now (btw I am leaving inter-a). I plan to refresh myself and attain my good grades once again.

Other than doing getting uber crappy grades I enjoyed destroying Mark with Helena and pulling him into our toxic waste (:

I am not at a point of full relaxation right now. I’m REALLY stressing over my math provincial in about a week. Once I learn something, I usually forget it. I was looking through my textbook and freaked out because I don’t know shit. I really, really, really don’t want to fail the provincial, which I probably will from the looks of it. Hopefully some magic math fairy will fly in through my window and bless me with extreme skills and I will pass -_-

Not shortly after my math provincial is summer school! YAYYY!!! *sarcasm*. Actually from what I heard it’s not that bad; in fact easier that IA. Sigh, if I don’t take summer school I’ll be wasting my time eating and lying in bed all day, so it’s a good thing I’m doing it.

After summer school I’ll have another provincial!!! YYYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! *extreme hardcore sarcasm*. MORE STRESS!!!! =.=” Meanwhile I’ll have piano exams and crap until around the end of August. That means more piano and studying and stress all day w00t!

So the only time I’ll be able to completely relax is the last week of summer. I don’t even know if that’ll be possible because I’ll be so used to too much stress and will stress over nothing. It usually takes a few weeks to get over this, BUT I DON’T HAVE A FEW WEEKS. Sigh….. Oh well, one week is better than nothing :D


Run for Water

Yesterday I ran the half-marathon (21 km) part of the Run for Water in Abbotsford and OMG am I as sore as ever =.= I feel like an epic old man right now, hoooly crap. But other than feeling like crap I’m pretty glad I did the run.

Honestly, it was the most challenging thing I’ve done in my whole life. No joke. I don’t think I was ready for it, either. I haven’t had a formal training session for over a month. The only running I did before the half-marathon was the Run for Kids and Sun Run. Because of my lack of training, not only did I have stomach cramps, but leg cramps too. Leg cramps are the utmost terrible thing to aquire during a run because they force you to walk or stop and rest. I walked during mine, so it’s all good.

I am super thankful for the weather that day. It was cloudy with bits of sunshine here and there. It was absolute perfect running weather. If it were any hotter, I would have fainted -______-;;;;;. But OMG I’M SO THANKFUL LOL.

During the run the people were soooooo nice. Like, REALLY REALLY SUPER NICE. While I was running the sun run I had some old lady punch me (LOL), but this run the people that ran next to me or passed me encouraged me or wished me a good run :O SO AMAZINGLY NICE! At one point I was walking and coughing like a noob and this lady even asked if I was okay. Seriously, I was blown away by how nice everybody was xD

I finished at 2:34:55, which is pretty terrible. Being my first half-marathon I didn’t really have any expectations but still, I finished at a pretty crappy time T__T. All these old people finished wayyy before me. LIKE WTF, THEY’RE CRAZY. Oh well, hopefully I’ll be able to redeem myself in the Scotia Bank half-marathon in June :D

All-in-all I’m pretty happy I did the run and finished. Honestly I was really scared of not finishing, but I did so it’s all good. My entire body is frickin sore but that’s okay because I think I gained leg muscle LMAO. I’ve learned that I NEED TO TRAIN and most likely my time will improve (:



Today I had to go to the orthodontist again to get my retainer. Bleh. Yesterday I was given the choice of getting a clear plastic retainer or the metal one. Having already had metal stuck in my mouth for two long-ass years I chose the clear one.

So I go to get them and I put them on, and they’re really loose. It turns out that they had taken the mold of my mouth when my gums were really swollen, therefore the retainer will have giant ridges where the gums swelled. They weren’t supposed to let me have them because of that, but for some reason they didn’t tell me yesterday.

Now my teeth look really retarded with the retainer because of the huge gum ridge (my gums have receded since yesterday when the molds were taken) =.=;;;. Because of it being so loose it’s sort of falling down and it looks like there’s a gap between my top and bottom teeth. So you probably won’t see me wearing my clear retainer around school or anywhere public x)

Anyways I have to go back to the orthodontist on Monday to get a new metal retainer. Arghhh. But the good thing is that they’re giving the metal one to me for free hehehehehe :D 


No more braces!!!!!

THEY’RE FINALLY GONE. OMFG, I AM SO HAPPY. I’ve been anticipating this day for two hella long years. AND NOW THEY’RE GONE. GONEEEEEE :D!!!!!

Yes that’s right, I got my braces taken off today :D I’M SOOOOO HAPPY. I CAN FINALLY EAT MY PANDESAL WITHOUT MAKING A HUGE MESS LOL. In true fatty spirit, I can now eat without automatically cleaning my mouth xD. When I first ate without the braces, it was in my instinct to clean it BUT I DIDN’T HAVE TO. I was so amazed. LMAO.

At the appointment the lady took those plier thingys and just pulled them out. It didn’t hurt or anything. Then she took this polisher thingy and removed the glue from my mouth (it tasted like burnt congee aha). And then it broke in my mouth LOL. At the end they gave me a bag full of foods I wasn’t supposed to eat during my treatment (although I still ate them anyways ^_^) and it was great.

Ohmygoodness, you don’t know how happy I am right now. My gums are still a bit swollen but I don’t care. I CAN EAT LIKE A TRUE FATTY. And that’s all that matters ;]


Sunrun 2010!!!

Huh, I haven’t blogged in a while. There just hasn’t been anything interesting lately. What a boring life I have.

Anyways onto someting interesting (well I think so xD). Today I ran the Sunrun! Omg, it was so much fun! It was such a beautiful day making it perfect for the Sunrun. Throughout the whole run I had to go pee, making it sort of a torchure run aha. There were portable toilets or whatever you call them along the way, but I didn’t use them because if I did it would have been detrimental to my finishing time, and I think they’re gross :X. I kinda got annoyed at all the slow people ROFL. Especially those who chose to walk on the sidewalk; those are the fast lanes, gosh =.=’. So next time I’ll probably enter the under 50 min category (even though I probably won’t finish under 50 mins) just for the sake of avoiding the slow people. Oh, at about 3km-ish I accidentally cut off this old lady and she punched me LOL. I think she said something too, but I had my earphones on so I couldn’t hear xD.

I ran all the way up until about 9.5km. I HAD to walk for a bit because if I went any faster I would have peed myself ROFL. When I finished I forced myself to use one of those portable toilet thingys :/. It was quite nasty :S. After I went into the ocean to cool down. It was great :D. Then I cut my foot, which wasn’t so great.

Considering it was super hot, I had to go pee, and I haven’t trained for the past two weeks I think I did pretty well. I’m pretty sure I beat my previous 10km time of 1:04:something because that time I walked quite a bit and this time I only walked a bit at the end. I’m guessing my time is more or less 1:01:00. If I beat my all-time record of 0:56:21 I’ll be even happier :D

OH AND OMFG I GOT A TAN <3. Not too much of a tan, but I now have an awesome tanline on my legs (;

In other words, Happy Mother’s Day! (:


Goodtimes in humanities x)

  • Blenman: Sometimes you have to look beyond the attractive, hot exterior, and find the caring, sensitive person inside.
  • Helena: THAT'S A BONUS!!
  • Whole class: *Laughter*


Today I was intense-playing super smash bros brawl (NO LIFE, LOLzzz). Like really SUPER HARDCORE intense-playing. I was playing adventure mode and I finished nearly 50% of it (hmm, that totals up to 5+ hours? o:) and then all of a sudden THE POWER GOES OUT. FMLx9258273587249857 DDD;. LIKE, I DIDN’T EVEN LOSE ALL MY LIVES IN ANY ROUND. AND I WAS ALMOST DONE THE ROUND I WAS ON AND I HAD 0% DAMAGE. ARGHHH FML TT-TT. Wow I sound like such a dork o-o. I also swear a lot when I play video games, so imagine what it was like when the power went out xD

So then I played depressing piano music until the power went back on. Oh, and I made a nutella sandwich except I put way too much nutella on it because I couldn’t see any of it. It was good though (:



For the past few days I’ve been able to take in the Paralympic experience. Everything has been amazing. I feel so lucky to have been able to take part and experience the past few events.

As some of you may know, I was part of the Paralympic opening ceremony (dancing, woohoo xD). The days/rehersals leading up to the actual ceremony were absolutely crazy and hectic (like, really CRAZY AND HECTIC), but in the long run it was without question worth it all. I know, the dance I did was REALLY lame. But with all the crowds and overall enthusiasm from everybody there, I had the time of my life. I never really knew, but the whole experience would be incredibly memorable. The ceremony was great too. Yesterday was the 3rd time I wached it (I was there for the technical run-through and dress rehersal), so there were no big surprises. Being there with the HUGE crowd AND the athletes made it all better. Seeing all the athletes from all over the world was so inspiring. Just seeing them with missing/disfunctional limbs or other disabilities parade down the stadium knowing that they’re going to achieve what others who have no disabilities would deem impossible is truly amazing. I am so glad to have taken part and experienced such an astonishing ceremony.    

Today I went to watch the sledge hockey game at UBC (Canada vs Italy). Wow, what a game! Being the first hockey game I’ve ever been to, it was quite something. My first thought at the beginning of the game was ‘It’s SOOO different without the background commentary!!’. LOL. IT REALLY IS. The first goal was great because the puck hit one of the Italian players into the goal. EPIC PWNGE. Team Canada did great! Four-nothing!! All the cheering and screaming made it even funner. Again, watching the athletes play was truly something. A lot of these guys were missing a leg or two, and yet they were on the ice playing hockey. It really shows that determination will bring you to you’re destination. Great job team Canada!!

I think the Paralympics isn’t just an oppertunity for those with disabilities to participate in the world of international sport, but a chance for all of us, with or without disabilities, to realize where determination can bring us. We ALL have the ability to rise.

"Impossible is just a word; a distraction."


 Ikemen boogie nights